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Airdrop FAQ

Will Airdrop distribution impact Fruit token?

Since our airdrop is only limited to 10k users by 300 fruit per each, the airdrop amount is limited. It is a common way for crypto projects like us to get advertised by Airdrop participants. The cost for Airdop is not so much, compared with the fee we paid to Advertisers and partners as Dappradar, Coingecko, Coinzilla and so on.
The most important is that we have funds ready to defend price if there is huge drop in price as result of airdrop. Not that much tokens for Airdrop, less than 3 percent total.

When can I withdraw the airdrop rewards I joined?

You can withdraw From 2021/07/28 To 2021/08/28

When, Where, What is the Airdop Form and Tasks?

You can visit the expired airdrop form page as:

My airdrop is not approved, even after report to review, can I redo it to gain rewards?

Sorry, no. We don't accept users to redo the task after the airdrop end date which is June 28, 2021.

Can I use trust wallet to withdraw my airdrop rewards?

No, we only support Metamask, Please check the link below to learn how to uses Metamask