Fruit's Adventures

Burn Game Earnings

Burning the Game Earnings

We expect our games integrated with more and more partners will bring us more and more revenue. In order to create token holders value, we will burn game earnings to support our token price. Since we have more than one game, different game have different burning plans as described on this page as followings:
Nov-23-2021 08:00:51 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 623,680.43516021574534524 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Nov-15-2021 07:58:18 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 140,342.070065733807200664 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Nov-14-2021 07:51:20 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 159,428.201326568028466637 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Nov-13-2021 06:05:53 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 147,626.617321016671954088 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Nov-12-2021 05:25:15 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 254,122.622358318620102479 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Nov-10-2021 09:52:34 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 1,079,527.870015329682668212 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-31-2021 08:08:37 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 84,530.358371612198050596 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-26-2021 08:33:24 AM +UTC BANANA buyback 315,406.307481697851538761 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
518,948.782594874390626454 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
530,970.506545609681342058 Fruit Token (FRUIT)

Burn Fruit Slot Game Earnings

  • 2% Fee (Funds for next game)
  • 2% Fee (Partnership)
  • Balance (Odds of winning:95.41%)
Token Burning plans manual

Official Slot: FRUIT (

95% of Game Balance: Burning will happen every 10k FRUIT balance.

FRUIT Slot Game Earning Burning Log:

Partnered with ApeSwap Banana (Apeswap Twitter Announcement)

2% game fee: Buyback burning will happen every 10k Banana fee.

BuyBack: Blindbox for NFT (Poke & Win)

Use earnings from other tokens to buyback FRUIT.
FRUIT 1,423,109.14 (1.4m) BuyBack: Aug-27-2021
Aug-27-2021 11:57:31 AM +UTC 20 BUSD buyback 3,216.842623479680222323 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Aug-27-2021 12:01:10 PM +UTC 40 CAKE buyback 62,890.679653393243498018 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Aug-27-2021 12:03:04 PM +UTC 1768 BANANA buyback 1,235,703.826532877807400888 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Sep-21-2021 05:23:10 PM +UTC BNB buyback 505,287.357093698612676409 FRUIT Token (FRUIT)
Sep-21-2021 05:29:19 PM +UTC BANANA buyback 195,196.664085590252245266 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-04-2021 03:48:47 PM +UTC BNB buyback 614,944.730659815132678399 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-04-2021 03:50:17 PM +UTC BNB buyback 613,442.667858234575762831 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-06-2021 09:59:10 AM +UTC BNB buyback 415,858.3439259990031047 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-07-2021 06:18:45 AM +UTC BNB buyback 582,917.214650581702879689 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-07-2021 06:23:30 PM +UTC BNB buyback 231,982.561218669077490429 Fruit Token (FRUIT)
Oct-07-2021 06:24:33 PM +UTC BNB buyback 138,765.0174538535376212 Fruit Token (FRUIT)

Game 3: Blackjack (10/15 release)

Game 4: Fruit Fight (in progress)