How to invite to earn from Blackjack game

Connect your Metamask to Fruit Blackjack.

If your address are new to Blackjack,it is required to create an username with your email.


Top up first to have enough balance to create your blackjack room.

You can click the BNB icon to switch to Banana, Cake, Fruit and BNB for top-up.

Create your room and add funds

You can withdraw your earnings from the balance of your room if there is any. It will be changed by the win/loss from the players you invited.

In this example, a player lost 49.5 in the room and the amount will be increased from 2000 to 2049.5 (after 1% game fee charged already) into the room balance and able to withdraw by the room owner.

If the players lost in your game, your room balance will be increased. You can close room and then withdraw the room balance as earnings.
If the players won, your room balance will be decreased. If your balance is not enough, game will send notification to your email to ask for adding funds. If your balance is 0 before you add any funds and your room is not closed yet, project will take over your room.

Because there is 5 players in max limitation for a room, you can create as many rooms as you like to earn more.