Timelock Contract

Timelock : (Owner of Master Chef contract) : 0x760FdAD3de64267B5e712Eafece2DA944f8c0d47
Timelock is set to 24 hours delay. The Fruit's dev team can not make any change on Masterchef contract which is in charge of farms of Fruit's adventures without queuing them at least 24 hours before execution.
You can check the owner of Fruit's Masterchef is 0x760FdAD3de64267B5e712Eafece2DA944f8c0d47 from Masterchef contract here: https://bscscan.com/address/0x5a6B8dc5ef864f7bE2cD9F1BDF32DC1d1836376C
Owner of Fruit's Masterchef

Understanding a Timelock transaction

Fruit's Adventures team will post each transaction queued on Twitter, not here on docs page.
We are offering this example is to help our users to understand a Timelock transaction when the transaction is queued into the Timelock for a future execution. This information will help users to double check that the changes on Masterchef contract is okay.
Here is the example transaction which means it has been queued but will not be executed:
To have a look to the transaction :
1 click to view details :
2 click to decode input data :
3 read and understand transaction datas :
  • target : is the Masterchef contract address
  • value : 0 (is not used)
  • signature : setCakePerBlock(uint256) : This one is important : It is the Masterchef contract's function that can be executed after the delay (24 hours on Fruit's Timelock contract). In this example, the transaction will change the number of Fruit created per block.
  • data : This one is important also : It's the value (or series of value) that will be passed into the function parameters. The value is encoded in hexadecimal and on 64bits. In this example, the value is 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000119ff24570bf00002 (in Hexa) and equal to 20320000000000000002 (in decimal) (your can use this tool to make the conversion). Then the decimal value need to be divided by 10e18 : 20320000000000000002/10e18 = 20.32 --> This result means that the Fruit block value will be equal to 20.32 if the transaction is executed.